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Solace In Food & The Holidays

Well, holiday time is finally here. Along with the much anticipated end of 2020, the most interesting year to date…..for me at least. Many are exhausted and anxious about the coming months, almost as much as the previous 8 or 9.

That being said, there’s solace to be found in the holiday season. Keeping even the smallest family traditions alive in these times will make us look back with gratitude and give us the perspective we need to push forward with confidence. In the meantime, enjoy doing some things that are good for the soul. Make dozens of cookies and share them with your neighbors, or homemade jam to send to your friend. Make yourself a batch of your favorite soup or something you’ve always wanted to make, but just haven’t had the guts to try!

As much as we enjoy cooking for you, we also enjoy knowing you are cooking at home (when you’re not eating our food)! So, take some pictures, share with us on whatever platform you enjoy using. We would love to see what you’re up to! Enjoy the holidays and keep us in mind for any of your New Year’s Eve/Day needs! We look forward to cooking for you!

Happy Holidays, Everyone.

-Chef Josh

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