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Ropa Vieja...Old Clothes?!

For those of you who’ve been following our newsletter and menus for the last month or so, you’ve probably noticed how we try to incorporate many types of cuisine into what we do. There’s so much inspiration that comes from what we enjoy eating and what we’ve enjoyed cooking for the last 20 something years. This week’s menu is no different.

Nodding to Cuban cuisine with our braised and shredded beef, also known as Ropa Vieja, a slow cooked beef dish with peppers, spices, tomatoes served with rice and stewed black beans. After braising, the beef is shredded with a fork and mixed with some of the broth, olives and stewed tomatoes, giving the appearance of “old clothes”. Ropa Vieja is an excellent representation of what we're all about at Chef and Jeff. Dishes that are simply prepared with top shelf ingredients, giving you a sense of nostalgia.

Don’t forget to check out our full menu for this week! As always, we look forward to cooking for you and your family!


Chef Josh

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